Welcome to Sonic Motion. Post Production, 3d Animation, Motion Graphics.

Who we are.

Sonic Motion was formed in 2002 by Chris Smith and Ken Barlow. With a combined 13 years of television and film post production, and over 20 clients, and multiple awards we offer the most creative and advanced post production house in the Orem/Provo area.

What we do.

We focus on creative storytelling using film and video as our medium. We tell stories using motion graphics, high quality 3d animations, and traditional film and video. We are able to make poor quality dv footage look amazing, and RED footage look very cinematic.


Creativity comes from within and without. The seeds of creativity must be planted from our experiences and environment. Once the seed is planted, it must be fed and allowed to grow. Growing that seed can take many forms, from listening to new music, exploring visual ideas, and collaborating with each other and our clients. A true creative person knows his limits and how to work within them. Once you know the rules, you can then break them.